We just had a one week spring break.
"It feels so much like spring break." I once made an announcement.
"You mean it feels like spring?" I forgot who replied, probably someone in lab.
"No way. The point is BREAK, not SPRING."
In fact, we had more snow than ever for the past few days.
"You are not alone..." my lab mate replied,
especially given the fact that our adviser was out of town.

Today I was in a post-holiday low mood.
Although I didn't get much done and could hardly concentrate,
I felt so tired, like I had finished 100 hours' work.
I couldn't stop missing my life in the past week:
wake up whenever i want -> coffee and breakfast -> newspapers and background TV
-> lab, in the most unproductive way -> dinner -> walked my adviser's dog mostly,
occasionally hung out with lab people -> shower -> non-science books, more newspapers, music,
-> sleep whenever I want

After a good walk followed by a shower, and with a good book in hand, I felt like being in paradise.
" Why can't I live a life like that?
I'm easily content. All I need is some exercise, newspapers, and good books." I thought.
So I decided to do a little calculation to see how much money I will need
to retire and live a life like that.
Let's say, I spend $400 usd per month, and I live to average age of women,
I will need $400 x 12 (months)x 50 (years) = 240000 usd= 7560000 NT.

After seeing the number, I realized I wouldn't be able to retire any time soon,
not with my grad. student stipend.
How disappointing !!! :(

How can this be so difficult....
I just want good music, books, and exercise...
and I will need 240000 usd to retire ?!!!! :(


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