Red dog is a cheap beer brand.
Last Friday, out of curiosity, I had one red dog beer at a friend's apartment.
The only thought i had was, "oh, i didn't know beer could taste so bland..."
Seriously, it tasted like water with ethanol.

The next day, I had Samuel Adams, which is just another beer brand with higher price.
For the first time, I appreciated the flavor and taste of beer.
I used to take it for granted.

Ever since then,
I've been wondering what Taiwanese beer tastes like.
I know it has won several awards, but I was never a beer person and don't remember the taste now :(

Next time I go to grocery store,
I want to get beer and wine.
And next time I go home,
I want to have Taiwanese beer.

Cheers to Red Dog beer,
it makes me appreciate the flavor of good beer.


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