Are you thinking that I may never finish my lengthy sunny San Diego trip series? Ha, to be honest, I had the same doubts.
But right now, at this moment, when there is a timer that beeps every 5-15 minutes, this seems to be the best thing to do.

On day X (this is what happens when you do not keep a diary when the memory is still fresh. I can no longer keep track
of what day that was), we went to Coronado island. Coronado island is a cute little town with lots of unique shops and restaurants.
Best of all, it is built along the beach! I was quite excited before going, "Oh, beach, this is so sunny California! " I felt excited
because finally I had the chance to see what San Diego was known for- beautiful beaches. Also, after living in Ann Arbor for
2+ years, I missed big blue ocean, the salty-smelled wind, and long shores!

We went to a restaurant that we could have lunch on the beach. The food was about standard, but every thing else was excellent!
Finally I was embraced by sea wind, beaches, and ocean again! I could not describe how much had suddenly jumped into
my mind, summer camps, vacations with family, trips with friends, and all those sweet memories. It was time like this that
I deeply realized what it meant to be "from Taiwan, and to grow up in Taiwan", and of course, how special that was :)

After lunch, we had a short walk on the beach. I would say that was the highlight of my San Diego trip. Nice weather,
beautiful beaches, interesting chats, relaxing atmosphere, what could one ask for more? Also, I learned a few things on the
beach. First, seagulls had an orange dot on their beaks. But why do they have the orange dots? Was it to cheat predators
high above? Like the dots could serve as targets for eagles (but are eagles so stupid?) No matter what, tt was quite interesting
to see lots of orange dots spread out on the beach. Oh, and seashells! Lots of them! The second thing I learned was that we
should respect people although we did not respect they way they lived. The third thing I learned was that there were
different ways to motivate people. It was interesting to know those specific ways and how they might work on people from different

So, this was my Sunny San Diego part 6. Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I made different decisions at
different points of my life. But I have learned not to look back. Also, it's really hard to explain why or describe how
the longer you leave home, the more you appreciate it, the richness it has brought you, and the uniqueness it has built
inside you.


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