People in my lab were talking about how terrible it was to walk in 5'F this morning.
To be honest, I knew it was cold and my legs were numb, but I did not expect it to be
that cold. You may wonder where I was this morning. Hm, I was walking around hunting
for Christmas gifts. So, if you receive anything, even if it is just a bite of
chocolate, please remember the gift comes from a warm heart in a 5'F morning!

Every day, I look around and think, " Wow, this is what we could only see in a movie.
And now I am here experiencing it. Although I hate it now, I am pretty sure I will
miss it in the future!" Just like lots of the "joyful tragedies" in the past, they
were never pleasant at the moment they happened, but all turned out to be
unforgettably joyful when looking back. Having this thought in mind makes me
feel excited, like a tourist, about the freezing cold weather.

5'F! How special! Ewwwwwwwww....


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