I was reading a book about desire before bed last night.
So I wrote down things I really desired.

First, I want to have a good sleep every night.
It sounds easy.
But if you think carefully,
how often do we rely on coffee to go through a day?
Or how often do we feel exhausted in the evening?
I feel that to have a good sleep, and to have enough sleep, are the most
important keys to stay happy, patient, and energetic.
So, to sleep as much as I want is on top of my list.

Second, I want to eat to the extent I am satisfied.
It sounds...not so easy. Ha.
People who know me would know what I mean.
Lately I have been thinking,
to satisfy my desire is for myself,
and to stay thin is for...who ?!
As long as I am healthy and happy,
I should feel comfortable doing so!
(Am I Americanized?!)

Third, I want to exercise as much as I want.
To achieve this goal, the first two desires must be met.
I would like to exercise 40-60 mins every day. It makes me happy.
But it is just a dream goal.

Forth, I want to have good chats a few times a week.
This goal seems easier than the previous three
cause it can be independent from the previous three.
However, this is the only goal that I can not achieve by myself.
This limitation makes it the most difficult desire to satisfy.

After writing down my desires, I felt like a low-leveled animal.
Eat, sleep, exercise...aren't these desires my golden retriever,
or even fruit flies, or even C.Elegance would have?
I just feel that in order to achieve long-term happiness,
these are the things that really matter.

And now, here comes why I had the motivation to write this blog.
haha, of course it's because my desires are not satisfied.
I did not sleep well because of all those final reports I had to grade.
I ate unconsciously because I was troubled and stressed.
I did not chat with any body..
I wanted to exercise but could not because of the bad weather and all those deadlines
Plus, I can not imagine how much life will be like hell
because of all the work i have to finish before home :(

Why would people want cars, houses, or anything else,
while the basic desires are so difficult to meet already :(


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