I did not feel well because having eating too much before bed last night. While standing in the shower idling, my
cell phone rang like crazy. I usually ignored my cell phone in a situation like this. But I thought it could be
my grand mom that happened to be in the mood of talking to me. So I struggled out of my shower, and ran to my phone.
That was my project partner, who was supposed to go in to finish the early morning task. "More accident?" I thought,
"No accident would be an accident in my life." So, I picked up my lonely phone being punished to stay on the
floor because of waking me up in the morning. My partner told me she was extremely sick that she could not make it
to the lab. "Oh...don't worry... ( jao thinking about grabbing a towel)... I am about to go to the lab now ( jao
speaking with a crappy monring voice)..." My partner kept apologizing on the phone. " Oh, that's ok... it is very
bad that... ( jao trying to think of some words to stop her worries but in vain)..I mean it is not good.... (
1000 tangles in jao's brain...while trying to say it is not fun feeling sick, she actually made it sound like it
is "bad" feeling sick)... oh, I can test them today. Take.....oh..a good rest...." Finally, I "successfully"
communicating with my lab mate.

After hanging up the phone, I felt wanting to run a marathon. "Maybe if I can finish a marathon, I will become a better
person." I was not sure where the thought was from, maybe because of Katie Holmes' marathon report in some gossip magazine.
What a bad beginning of the day. I felt terrible. It was not because I had to come in to do extra work, but because I wanted
to be a good person, to myself and to others, but failed. My body did not feel right. And I think my project partner,
who I really like to work with, might have felt offended.

I am determined to make today a good day. Although the beginning is terrible, it has to be good. Nov.14th has all
the right to be better than any other day, because it's my mom's birthday. Happy birthday, mom. Today has to be good.
And I will make it good.


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