Mike is one of those american young kids we would see in high school clips.
He graduated from MIT, looks fearless, always has his headset hung on the neck,
and never speaks without that I-don't-care attitude. He's the technician in my previous lab.
A few days ago, I ran into him next to a big tank of rat beddings on the 5th floor.
We chatted about lab, moving, life in general,
Suddenly he said, "Lab is quiet. I don't meet any body every day.
I wake up, I go to work, I go home, I go for long walks
in the woods, see no body, talk to no body and then I go to bed.
I don't have friends. I am just not a friendly person.
And it's not like being in school. I don't have friends here."
He still had that half-joking half-serious careless attitude when saying these words.
But somehow these words stroke me badly.
I could almost felt them hitting my head and jumping on my stomach.
" Yea, I know what you mean 'cause I feel the same." I said to Mike.

Is this the price we have to pay as we grow older?
2nd brother is right. Life is just a bitch sometimes.
We struggle, we fight, for what?
Every one has his/her own answers.
To me, it's a feeling of self-content and permanent peace in mind,
in all environment, in all conditions.

Hope one day I will be successful, based on the above definition,


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