" The universe is whispering a story. Only those that listen carefully would hear it.
The universe is trying to tell you a story. If you are willing to listen, and yes, cheerfully,
you will be able to find the story. Let the data speak, have faith, and you'll find the secret."
The above is what my boss said to me today XD

Although it was probably a bit too touching or too dramatic XD in a logical science environment,
I indeed like the attitude.
So many people choose to see only part of the data just so the results would fit their story.
So many people manipulate their results to make the story seem more than it really is.
So many people have no faith in their experiments and give up easily.
Unlike those people, my boss handles data carefully, cheerfully, and honestly.
Let the data speak, and report the truth, even if it is not what we expect to see.
Pay attention the the sources of problems, have faith, and never give up easily.
Those are what he always tells us.

I don't know why my advisor gave me this kind of poem-like encouragement from time to time.
I liked it. It made me feel a bit poetic and elegant in science.
But at the same time, it always made me laugh in embarrassment.
I didn't want to look weak or frustrated, cause I never was.
I like the projects, and I really don't mind fixing problems.
One thing for sure, after I graduate, these will be moments I miss.

After the conversation, I went back to look at my rat data.
Suddenly, the rat really seemed to be whispering...."chick chick chick"....
" wow, what story are you telling me, rattie?" I asked.
After a few mins, I decided I still couldn't get it....

p.s. there was news about a woman in Taiwan that understood animals' feelings.
I wish i had the ability ! (maybe my boss does????)
But what if the rats are actually just swearing all the time?


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