I don't trust "gut feelings".
Probably because I have too many, I just learned to ignore them.
I need evidence, proof, and rationality to decide how I feel or what I want.

I have been feeling "not as good as normal".
People in my lab asked me if I had a cold or something cause I had been coughing non-stop.
"You sounded like a dying old man in bed." one girl commented.
(I had been wearing a mask so people don't get scared or infected.)
I said, "I don't know. I don't feel sick. It's just my throat that's itchy."
"You don't know if you are sick?"
"You must have got some fashionable disease
that wouldn't make people "feel sick".
People laughed and started to talk about potential disease I got.

After having this kind of conversation multiple times,
I started to think what does "sick" feel like?
I mean I coughed, couldn't smell or think,
but I could still have conversations, handle routine work, and even dress up my advisor's dog and blog.
How sick should one be to claim he/she is sick?
We all have good days and bad days. What is a "sick day" after all?
Hm..I guess I am too suspicious about my gut feelings to say I feel sick?
I probably need some medical document to tell people,"yes, I am feeling sick."

ps. by the way, i just thought about what happened when I was a kid.
I would ask my dad, "am I hungry now?" "does it feel like stomachache, sore, or stomach moving?"
ha, I don't know if my dad remembers this. Hm... maybe I was a three year old that was
too suspicious to feel hungry?


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