After talking to my high school friends about meeting up,
I suddenly got all excited about going home.
I don't particularly want to go anywhere or eat anything.
As long as I can spend time with my family and friends,
I will be happy and content.

One thing that happened on our way to Mexican came across my mind.
The guy at the information center asked,
" Just to keep record, where are you guys from?"
" Chicago," Steve answered proudly.
" We are all from Ann Arbor," Vince answered.
I figured Vince just wanted to save us some time.
" So, how many of you are from Ann Arbor?" the guy at the info center asked again.
Vince raised his hand, but no body else did.
I almost wanted to laugh.
" Hey, Elise, do you want to claim you are from Ann Arbor,too?" Vince asked.
" Nope."
At the end, we all claimed somewhere else rather than Ann Arbor as "home".

Where is home anyway?
Sometimes people got confused because I refused to call my
apartment in Ann Arbor "home".
" It can be anywhere, wherever my family and friends are."
" Even Africa or North pole?" I forgot who was bored enough to ask this question.
" Sure, even Mars or Saturn." And I was bored enough to reply.
To me, in my heart, home is where family and friends are.
This has been my golden definition, never ever so confident.


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