My ASUS laptop is broken again. It keeps turning on and off itself. The quality of ASUS laptop is really like "eggs", not "rocks". So, I have no laptop and no internet at home again.

I am back to Ann Arbor. Again, I am having bad jet lag. The funny thing is I never had jet-lag when I went back to Taiwan from Ann Arbor. But I always had jet lag when I came back to Ann Arbor from Taipei. I think it's because of what they call "psychological conditions affect physiological conditions". Every time I went back to Taipei, my heart was back to Taipei immediately. So I had no problem adjusting to the local time and weather. But every time I came back to Ann Arbor, I felt that I'd lost my heart in Taipei. How can I live in Ann Arbor while my heart is still in Taipei?! Not possible. No meanings. No motivation.

The devil in my heart says, "what's so good about living in the US? The only thing you have is the extra weight you gain from the good food in Taipei. Inconvenient life, boring streets, no dog, no family, few friends." But the angel in my heart says, " there are lovely parts about life in Ann Arbor. All you have to do is to dig them out and to have faith."

"Ok, fine. Since I can not escape, I should just open my heart and embrace every little bit of my life in Ann Arbor. I am only here for a few more years. Whatever I do will become great memories in the future. Yes, Ann Arbor, here I come!" I think to myself. "

Is tomorrow gonna be better? I reckon maybe...


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