My sister was telling me why she didn't want to do group project with some classmates.
I realized one important thing I learned here was how not to bring stress to others.

To be more specific,
we want to work hard, to give good advice, to show we are knowledgeable (or at least not dump),
but we don't want what we do to make others feel stressed.
I think the key is to stay calm, patient, and slow-paced.
We want to work hard, but not to be too stingy about time we can spend on conversations.
We want to give good advice, but not to forget to listen patiently.
We want to be knowledgeable, but not to overload others with information.

Or to be more general,
we want others to feel comfortable talking to us, asking us questions, or simply sitting and
standing around us.
I think the key is the way we hold ourself.
We want to ask ourselves whether we are comfortable "being with ourselves".
To put it in another way,
we want to examine the way we act from a third person point of view,
to see if that's what you would want to experience.
For example,
Do you want to stand next to someone who's anxious?
Do you want to work with someone who's always in a rush and wants to "get things done"?

I'm learning...and hoping I will become someone thats patient, soothed, and fun to be with.


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