I just had a cappuccino bomb.

I wouldn't call myself a caffeine addict, but I feel the need to get my caffein craving fixed once in a while. Its amazing how caffein can create some kind of euphoria, like the world suddenly turns peaceful and bright.

Here in Espresso Royale, you get one free coffee of any kind after the first 10 (Yes, unfortunately you have to invest 10 coffee first). Though not a big coffee drinker, I have got a collection of 3 free coffee already.I always thought I would use the opportunity on some fancy expensive type of coffee on a beautiful saturday morning. But after changing to this new lab, where people rarely start working until noon, my morning time shrinks. Saturday morning hardly exists...eaten, disappeared, vanished in sleep.

This afternoon I was stuck in the library struggling to translate my Mars-ish proposal into English. I had to write the draft in Mars-ish, instead of English, in order keep my thought flow and not to be stuck in spelling or grammer. It was really cold in the library (now we know why the tuition is so high in this school). I felt I would freeze to death if I stayed longer. So, I decided to walk to Espresso Royale to get a coffee.

For no reason, or for self-pity, I decided to use the free coffee opportunity. Glancing through the menu, all the expensive kinds of coffee seemed to be very sweet and complicated, with names longer than 5 words. "Those should be treats for hard-working, not for curing anxiety or unhappiness." I thought to myself. After being indecisive for 5 minutes, I settled on "Cappuccino bomb" because the name was still fancy to certain extent, and the price was still high to certain extent.

"What's in a bomb?" I asked. "It contains four shots of espresso." the brista answered."Cool, I'll get that." I could almost see a nuclear bomb exploding in my heart, creating brownish fume, and then I would float in the air smiling.

Two mintues and forty seconds was the exact time I finished the cappuccino bomb. BUT, wait, why am I not feeling like floating??!!! Whyyyy? I used to feel really sweet after the cheap one-dollar house coffee. Something must have gone wrong with this $4 cappucino bomb.

I threw the empty paper cup into the trash can. A feeling of emptiness ran accross. "Cheater, go to hell." I murmured to the corpse of the cappucino bomb in front of the cafe. Now I know what's in a cappucino bomb: a taste of betrayal and a smell of helplessness.

I allowed myself to be lazy and grumpy and wasted another hour. But don't blame on me,I just had a cappucino bomb.

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