Under my studious-PhD student-skin
there lives a hippie in my soul
I believe in
world peace, social justice,
freedom of mind, passion for life,
being vegetarian and eco-friendly
is always more important than being materially rich to me
walking on the boundaries of standards and rules
trying to create memories and seeking meanings of life
maybe deep inside,there lives a hippie in my soul

After reading books from Dalai Lama, David told me I was a natural buddhist,
the first thing that came to my mind was having to wake up at 5 am
and no family

After reading a novel about hippies
I start to feel maybe there lives a hippie in my soul

buddhas and hippies?
Maybe they were good friends long ago?
hm...that would be an interesting scene to see...

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  • noreen
  • it may come to your surprise that many people are like this. especially people iwth higher education, people who think about the meaning of life. I call them idealists.
    Hippies are on those issues but they somehow became pessimists. If you want world peace, you should do things to make changes. Hippies free themselves from the society and somehow became a rebellious group just to rebel, or to escape from the chaotic world.

    I'm a total capitalist, though.