started my week by chatting with my old buddy david
nice and sad

decided to walk to Aldridge lab to see recording
do I care ?
not really.
why going ?
cause no more sleeping through the day
every day can be a new day
and today is the day

besides rain's pouring
like helping my tears dropping

Good morning, Ann Arbor
Good night, Taipei
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  • 聰明妹妹
  • 拱拱拱

    豬豬豬 你是想我想到睡不著嗎
    那個一定不難啦 可能要勾什麼你忘了勾
  • Allen
  • No worry about the pineapple cakes!

    Looks like you've eaten out all of the Chia-Te pineapple cakes. No wonder you started missing Taipei! Poor Jao! I should have given you some more boxes so that you could hang in there a bit longer till the Mid-Autuam Festival.

    Studying at a prestigious universtity like U. Mich is something I'd always dreamed about when I was in my 20's. Not to mention you're in a promising biophycology Ph.D. program... You should cherish these precious opportunities. Sometimes we feel that life's a real bitch, but life is not bitchy only in the States. Same here in Taipei. It rains a lot as well, terrible bad trafic, extremely hot and humid throughout the entire summer...

    Whenever you are down, listen to Beethoven. Ludwig's music will guide you to look on the bright side of life. Whenever you miss Taipei, turn on your webcam. You can always see little Ethan's handsome face and lovely smile in the morning before going to the ugly lab. Whenever you feel lonely, think of all your friends and family. You will realize that there are so many people on your side, although they're only 6700 miles away. Just hang in there! The Thanksgiving and Christmas are not too far away!

    Cheers, Allen
    BTW, this blog is rather poetic and well-written. Any classical English literature program in U. Mich? You've got the talents! :)